Summer Foraging: Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry: 🍒 After the beautiful blossoms have fallen from the trees, we are treated to these tart little fruits, full of flavour and in abundance - if you can beat the birds to them! They’re much smaller than the shop-bought fruits we recognise but they are relatively easily identified with their oval, deep green, toothed leaves and shiny, vibrant fruits. I have one of our chefs to thank for these ones for managing to fit in a pre-service forage, and falling out of the tree in the process! (Don’t worry, he is fine!) Our Wild Cherry Bellini is a hit on our cocktail menu and if you’re lucky enough to beat the birds and collect some, you can sub in wild for shop-bought cherries in any recipe - just remember they may be slightly more sour! 🥧

If you'd like to come on a foraging adventure with us, our next foraging and feasting date is 20th July and you can book online now!

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