Pastures New for the Native Crew

Pastures are new for the Native crew, as we are moving on from Neal’s yard in a swift manner due to our planning permission being rejected. HOWEVER, the end of Native in Neal’s Yard of course does not mean the end of Native-it just means a very quick turnaround to find a new site, get it ready and launch. And we’re planning to do this in two weeks...phew! As the nature of this has meant we have had to work very quickly to ensure our staff and customers are not left without work and meals, we have created a Kickstarter project to help raise the funds needed to keep our staff, buy new equipment and decorate the new site - please have a look here, and support if possible! For our first opening to say we were naïve is an understatement, but looking back it really was the best way to learn how exactly we wanted our restaurant to run, and in essence be a restaurant that we would want to go back to time and time again - that was always our main objective. Every dish we put out still blows me away, albeit making me more critical and even nervous at times -the joys of being “chief taster” slightly tinged with my worries about how it could possibly surpass the previous scallop dish, or whether this new dessert really does deserve to take the place of the bone marrow caramel. Alas, the next few weeks are going to be crazy. Our official closing date at Neal’s Yard was yesterday and we plan to open the new site the first week of June. So, fingers crossed all goes to plan, and I’ll try and document as much as possible for anybody who may want a peek into the beautiful world of launching a restaurant!  

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