PRS Music Makeover 2017!

On Monday evening we were the host to our first live music gig all thanks to PRS (Performing Rights Society).

We were lucky enough to be chosen as the winners of the #MusicMakeover2017 which has been a complete game changer for us. As an independent restaurant it's unfortunate that budgets for such equipment aren't always at the top of the list (crockery, cutlery etc taking priority!) but I always knew the difference a good sound system could make. Growing up without a telly, music really was the background to my childhood and when choosing the playlist for the restaurant, quite honestly nothing brings me more joy! So when the competition was announced to win a music makeover for the restaurant I applied immediately- the application form was easy as I was just detailing the truth - the music cutting out when the only cupboard in the restaurant door was closed, creating playlists of all our staff members' favourite "desert island discs" and the antiquated Pioneer stereo system we currently use which although has done a great job, I think was born before me! 

After being shortlisted and then an interview, I think the judges appreciated the difference a quality music system would make to Native and also the passion we have for music, and food. Upon hearing the news that we were the winners of 2017, Steve Levine came to see us and consulted on the best way to make the most of our space - although we both got rather carried away and could easily have ended up building a new recording studio and restaurant in one! Steve gave us some really great advice and options to improve the acoustics of our dining room downstairs. 

Everything from the application form to the install day and the launch event, PRS were amazing to work with and their passion for music and also their members really struck a chord with me - and also helped see exactly what the license fee is needed for. PRS provided us with a new PA system and basic backline, including a couple of microphones and mic stands to allow performers to plug in and play, and as part of the Music Makeover celebrations, we were lucky enough to host a launch party featuring a live performance from Cape Cub.

The event was the highlight, as we were able to host our very first live gig in the dining room downstairs, with our staff joining in the celebrations - showcasing exactly what music and food are wonderful for; bringing everybody together - it will go down in the history books of Native, as will our gold disc!!! 

I am so excited about hosting future live events at Native and experimenting with how sound can enhance the dining experience! 

PRS for Music represents the rights of songwriters, composers and music publishers in the UK and around the world. As a membership organisation the company ensures creators are paid whenever their music and songs are played, performed, broadcast or reproduced in public and provides business and community groups with access to 22.2 million songs through its music licences. With over 100 representation agreements in place globally, PRS for Music's network represents over two million music creators.

PRS for Music launched the annual Music Makeover competition seven years ago to showcase and raise awareness of the important effect that music can have on local businesses, and we are forever grateful that they've helped to make the native experience even more memorable! 

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