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A Selection of Seasonal Plates


Snacks & Sharers

Smoked Carrot Hot Dog, Curry Mayo & Hay Ash Vinegar Gel (v) (2pcs) 10.0

Fish Trim Toast, Apple Hoisin & Crispy Seaweed (3pcs) 6.0

La Latteria Burrata & Shiso Mojo Sauce (v) 12.0

Cobble Lane Cured Coppa, Sussex Peach, Native Curds & Basil 12.0

Red Oak Lettuce, Caesar Dressing and Pollock Bacalhau 8.0


Nutbourne Tomatoes, Yesterday's Bread Croutons, Ricotta & Smoked Salsa Verde (v) 14.0

Orkney Island Scallop, Green Chilli, Sussex Peach & Buttermilk 16.0

Culver Farm Corn, Confit Egg Yolk & Pickled Shiitake 15.0

Allwood Farm Courgette, Crispy Quinoa, Mexican Marigold & Lincolnshire Poacher (v) 12.0

Main Course

Lamb Loin confit in Hay, Allwood Farm Courgette & Nasturtiums 26.0

Pan-Roasted Cod & Brown Crab Tikka Masala 26.0

‘Regeneration Risotto’ - of Rye, Barley & Oats, Mushroom & Isle of Mull (v) 20.0

Duchess Farm Einkorn Ditaloni, Grass Fed Irish Beef Bolognese & Lincolnshire Poacher 16.0

Spring Carrots and Their Tops, Hogseed Vadouvan & Hay Ash Honey (ve) 18.0

 (ve) - Vegan. Please enquire about any other dietary needs.

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